Basic Boudoir FAQ

Do I need to know posing?

No! We will help you with every pose from head to toe including where to look and facial expressions.
Every women you see on our boudoir gallery online are everyday women just like yourself with no prior modeling or posing experience!


Do you share my images?

Every clients signs a model release so we know the level of privacy you prefer.
Keeping them 100% private is an option! We will respect your privacy if you’d like images to stay private.




What if the thought of being in front of the camera makes me nervous?

Everyone is nervous to start so don’t worry. We will help you will feel beautiful and confident.
We give fool proof instructions for the camera. As we go from pose to pose, you will start having fun and forget about the nerves!




Do you edit the photographs?

Yes, every image that we provide as your final products will be fully edited.
Boudoir sessions may include 1 or 2 retouched images as part of the package.
Additional retouched images can be added to the final set. Please contact us for more information.
Final editing includes skin retouching, exposure and color balance,
and at times may include color toning, black and white conversion and the like.



What if I break out or have scars/stretch marks?

We believe that our imperfections are what makes every person even more beautiful and uniquely you.
But we will be happy to remove any scars or imperfections so you still look like you with
a polished and flawless edit if that is your preference.




I’m not a size 4 or 6. Can you flatter all women? Yes!

We are confident in offering our services to ladies of all shapes and sizes. You could be a size 2 or 22. Size doesn’t matter!
This experience is for any everyday woman to feel like a beautiful goddess!



Do you provide Lingerie?

Unfortunately we do not. The lingerie and other attire would be the responsibility of the subject to bring.
We have some great links to suggested lingerie stores that may be of use as well.




Do you provide hair and makeup?

We can refer you to some great artists that can do your hair and makeup for very reasonable costs if you require assistance.



How many outfits should I bring?

Our shoots typically allow time for 2-3 outfits. These can range from anything as covered up as
tank tops / shawls / loose sweaters / body suits, to more uncovered boudoir such as just a simple pair of panties
We recommend keeping it simple. While patterns may work for some we prefer solid tones – black and white and greys
are usually very good.
For more information and other questions please don’t hesitate to email us.



Where do you do your shoots?

We have several studio’s available to us. We also do often shoot in hotel suites and
for an additional travel cost can come to your location / home.