It all started with a wild BDSM art group show Gallery Opening at Superchief Gallery Los Angeles (check them out at )
Then It came time to pick up the artwork. After searching for new exciting locations for the next shoot,
we found a super discrete Dungeon Society that has been in Los Angeles since 1982 So we decided to contact them and check it out.
On the way to check out the Dungeon Society in Los Angeles We stopped in to the Halloween Club to check out masks,
and was lucky enough to come across a few 80’s latex super cool masks, one of them was an amazing Iron Maiden mask that I bought along with a few others.
Because of the excitement about all the masks we ended up getting so caught up ….that we were late to the appointment at the Dungeon
Eventually we managed to make it (a little late). The rooms were decorated with with the most spectacular dungeon equipment.
It is the perfect place for a sexy boudoir photoshoot. As soon as we saw the “Purple room” with the amazing metal throne chair
I was immediately inspired to use the new Iron Maiden mask that we had just found.
There is a mandatory orientation to become a member of the dungeon so after 3 weeks of arranging schedules we are so excited to be able
to finally make this themed photoshoot inspired by Iron Maiden a reality.
The Silver model was the rockstar of the shoot. She had injured her finger the day before the shoot and showed up anyway.
Finger swollen, just taped together. we asked if she wanted to reschedule she was so excited to do the shoot at this new
location she wanted to continue with the shoot. So off we went on our 2 1/2 hr drive to LA from SD with her swollen hand.
If you know anything about bdsm then you know that the women of bdsm have a special relationship with pain. And this woman was amazing.
She toughed it out wearing gloves even though it was difficult to pull over her fingers. She insisted on helping set up and posed for
a little over 2 hrs. Then insisted on helping to clean up. Followed by another 2 1/2 hr drive back from LA to SD.
She swore it didn’t hurt that bad. And had thought she just dislocated it. After getting home she decided to get it checked,
and found out it was a pretty bad break .

Thats – dedication- for sure, and it was greatly appreciated.
The art created from that shoot was definitely next level. Another great adventure with The Amazing French Boudoir.

go check this amazing Silver Model on Fetlife under Tittytay
and the golden model on instagram @secretary.afb