Christmas was all set. Met an amazing model at the Superchief Art Gallery for the BDSM show. She has great style and was so excited to participate in one of our artistic photo shoots. So after over a month of talking and planning. It was finally time!  Got all the paint packed up along with all of the accessories and props. Confirmed the model one more time before heading out.  Then about 2 hrs into the 2 1/2 hr drive from San Diego to the space In Los Angeles  we stopped for gas and snacks, and that is when the model sent the message that she was no longer coming. So since the space was already reserved for the shoot, And luckily the “Secretary” was there . The shoot continued with the  “ Secretary” instead. The Dungeon had so much wonderful equipment and furniture, it was hard to decide exactly what to use in the shoot.  Limited on time and running late on top of that. So a decision needed to be made quickly.  The set up was great. Everything you could ask for in a kinky photo shoot.   Now it was time to set it all in motion and what a wonderful opportunity to create something different, in the moment.  If you are nervous about a shoot and don’t know how it will turn out, know that it will always be an amazing shoot.  Even though nothing went  as planned It was still a wonderful adventure that resulted in some great art. As usual, expect the unexpected  and stay plugged in for the next adventure with The Amazing French Boudoir.

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